About Me

I'm a multi-published short story author with a Bachelor of Arts (English and Linguistics), a Master of Studies, and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Teaching). I'm an English teacher at my state's top private school and have been freelance editing since 2008. I accept projects of all lengths and genres (except erotica and horror), though my specialties are young adult fiction, fantasy, soft science fiction, and literary essays.

My goal as a freelance editor is to provide a quality service at affordable prices. I believe that well-written manuscripts should be clear and precise, while at the same time showcasing the voice of the author. I believe firmly that punctuation and grammar can be used stylistically, and will not edit every instance of typically-incorrect usage merely to make it 'correct'. That said, the clarity of the author's message is paramount, and if I believe that incorrect grammar, punctuation, and so forth is obscuring this message, I will suggest a change.