Services and Fees

I accept manuscripts of all lengths, schedule permitting. I will accept most genres of young adult fiction, as well as fantasy (particularly contemporary and urban) and soft science fiction (dystopian, post-apocalyptic, near-future, science fantasy, space opera). If you're not sure, send me a message and check :)

Please submit manuscripts as a Microsoft Word (or compatible) document, using Arial 12-point font. Set your margins to 1 inch (the default) and please 1.5 space your text. Thank you.

Proofreading - $0.008 per word
Line editing - $0.012 per word

Complete package: Line editing AND proofreading (proofreading completed after you have addressed the line edits): $0.018 per word. 

Prices are quoted in US dollars. Payment is via paypal only. 50% deposit required.
10% off for first time customers. Sample edits available - see FAQ.


A simple check for spelling, punctuation errors and formatting errors. This is usually the final pass before publication. Document will be formatted to publisher's requirements (or Standard Manuscript Format).

Line Editing:
A more extensive edit, addressing spelling, punctuation, formatting, grammar and syntax. In addition, a line edit will polish sentences and suggest improvements for flow and style. Line edits will often address issues such as unnecessary repetition, overuse of the passive voice, clumsy wording, and convoluted sentence/paragraph structure. Suggestions may be made to revise the order of sections and/or paragraphs, to cut some paragraphs, to elaborate on others, etc. Voice is also of critical concern at this level of editing. The manuscript will be edited in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (negotiable) and bibliographies and reference lists will be standardised. For authors seeking traditional publication, your manuscript will also be converted to standard manuscript format.

Additional Services:
Revisions: ONE revision is included in the initial price for copy editing and line editing (that is, I will suggest that something needs to change, you will change it, and you may then run it past me again to double check it is now fine). Subsequent revisions will be billed at 50% of the original per-word cost and can be applied to sections of the text (if, say, you only want me to look at ten pages again rather than the entire manuscript).