Why Hire An Editor? F.A.Q.s

Why hire an editor?
Anyone who's been writing for a while knows: you can never spot all your own mistakes. You know what you meant to say, and your brain often fills in blanks or tweaks a word here or there without you even realising. A fresh set of eyes is invaluable. Why an editor and not just a crit partner? Editors edit potentially hundreds of manuscripts a year and are sensitised to the kind of mistakes that are usually made. They know the industry standards and know how to edit while maintaining the author's voice.

Can I submit a sample before hiring you? Is there a fee for this?
Yes, you can and no, there isn't. Email me five pages from your manuscript along with your enquiry and I will return them, edited as per your requirements (proofread or line edited) for FREE. You are under no obligation to hire me after utilising this service. Please note that sample edits are limited to one free sample per client.

Can you guarantee my manuscript will be published/get a high grade?
Absolutely not. No editor is able to guarantee this, because publication has so many factors involved (as do grades). Always ensure that you follow the publisher's guidelines or seek feedback and advice from the person to whom you are submitting your manuscript.

How long will my edit take?
As a general rule, please expect 4 - 8 weeks for editing. If your requirements fall outside this scope, please contact me to see what we can arrange. "Rush" edits may be available for a fee, depending on my schedule.

Why do you spell some words strangely?
I'm an Australian living in Australia, so you'll be sending me an enquiry to discuss utilising my services ;) Please note, though, that I am very used to editing in both Australian and US spelling (and British, of course!) and will do either depending on your needs.